Thursday, August 6, 2009


My co-authors, Marcine Seid and Chris Stowe, and I are pleased to announce that our Aspen book is shipping this week. We tried to walk the fine line between making the book comprehensive and understandable. We hope that the readers will find IMMIGRATION LAW IN THE WORKPLACE innovative, as it covers both immigration employment benefits and compliance in one volume.
With Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently announcing nationwide I-9 audits, employers need to understand the rules governing Form I-9 compliance and keep up to date with the latest changes affecting immigration law. We hope that you find our book to be an authoritative resource that provides a direct understanding of current worksite enforcement and compliance issues.
IMMIGRATION LAW IN THE WORKPLACE helps employers handle both current – and coming – requirements and includes:
• The latest forms, agency guidance and our analysis;
• Clear alternatives that fit a company’s goals and challenges;
• Appendices that give real-world examples of how the immigration employment benefits and compliance laws can work to save a company time and money.
• Guidance for visa applications and enforcement compliance in one volume.
• Explanations of the nonimmigrant and immigrant visa categories
for foreign employees and the CIS requirements for fast approvals.
The book also provides the following employer guidance:
• I-9 audits, and how to prepare for them;
• Government Contractors’ E-Verify responsibilities;
• Visa application requirements;
• Permanent labor certifications and alternatives;
• How to immigrate your foreign employees;
• ICE enforcement and sanctions policies and the best practices to ensure compliance;
• U.S. immigration strategy for multinational employers;
• E-Verify and IMAGE requirements,;
• Tax and Social Security issues for foreign employees,
and much more.