Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kuck and Miller Speak on Immigration Enforcement at PLI Immigration Institute

On April 23, 2010 attorneys Charles M. Miller and Charles H. Kuck will speak at the PLI Immigration and Naturalization Institute in New York City. Miller is the Chairman of the AILA Compliance Auditing Standards Taskforce and Kuck is the immediate past AILA President. The Institute will be a live seminar in New York and a national Webcast including the following topics:

* Enforcement as part of comprehensive immigration reform

* The Obama Administration's Worksite Enforcement Policy: Criminal Worksite Investigation Cases and the Return to Administrative Sanctions

* E-Verify, FAR and IMAGE Developments

* The 2009 ICE Penalty Guidelines

* The 2010 ICE Policy Reaffirming the Virtue Memorandum and Proposed Rule Implementing the IIRAIRA Good Faith Paperwork Violation Defense and the ICE Omnibus Statute of Limitations policy

* Immigration Compliance Auditing and Current ICE Policy

* The Future of Immigration Enforcement

Call PLI for more information at (800) 260-4754.