Monday, April 12, 2010

New Immigration Law's Chances: Charles Miller Takes Legalization's Political Temperature

Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration, and Professor of Economics at Berkeley, has written favorably about the potential economic impact of immigration reform in his 4-11-2010 Christian Science Monitor blog, “Immigration: Could it solve Social Security, Medicare woes?” Reich finds it important to the Baby Boomer generation of retirees that the Medicare and Social Security entitlement programs are funded by the taxes paid by younger immigrant workers.

Senator Jon Kyl, speaking on ABC News' This Week equivocated on whether Republicans would filibuster new immigration reform legislation in the Senate. Host Jake Tapper asked Kyl, "You helped lead the cause of immigration reform in 2007. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he is going to bring up immigration reform. You said the other day in Yuma, Ariz., that Republicans will use the opportunity to filibuster. Are you going to help with the filibuster of immigration reform?"Kyl responded , "I don't think I said that, Jake, but what I did say is that the the conditions for immigration reform no longer exist.” Kyl, the junior Arizona Senator supported the immigration reform efforts of senior Senator John McCain in 2007.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, fighting for his political life in this year’s November election told an enthusiastic crowd of 6,000 in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 10, 2010 that he had 56 Democratic votes for new immigration law reform legislation and was determined to take it to a vote this year.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, vowed to move on immigration reform and to try to recruit Senate Republicans to support reform legislation. He compared this effort to the dedication that helped pass healthcare legislation and called for “that same determination and that same commitment to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year.”