Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Immigration Compliance Legal Center

The Miller Law Offices have opened the Immigration Compliance Legal Center,  providing employers with expert legal solutions for immigration problems.  The Center offers complete immigration legal services for U.S. employers, including the design of compliance programs, HR training and attorney-led I-9 auditing for maximum remediation under the latest ICE policies. We also offer E-Verify compliance assistance for FAR Contractors and companies with electronic verification responsibilities.  

The Center offers full immigration consultation and advice to ensure your employer’s immigration compliance responsibilities are met.

The Center’s founding attorney is the author of the American Bar Association’s best-selling book Immigration Compliance Auditing for Lawyers.  Charles M. Miller has the national reputation for expert, practical solutions for your immigration compliance legal needs. Begin the Immigration Compliance Legal Center solution call Charles M. Miller at (818) 508-9005